Trevor Higgins

College Station, TX · (910) 922-4133 ·

I am an undergraduate Computer Science major at Texas A&M University pursuing a career in the game development field.

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ARTe - Hemut


Hemut is a strategic deck building game that teaches students about Egyptian religious beliefs, art, and architecture. It is commercially available and is used by universities around the world.
I worked on:
  • Creating a database for the card game, card effects, and documentation on how to make new cards.
  • Creating systems to allow devs to start from any scene, and make sure all scenes transitioned properly.
  • Creating the main menu and assorted particle systems.
  • Published Summer 2018

    ARTe - Lumiere


    Lumiere is an education game designed to teach art history at the university level. The game focuses on character interactions and multiple minigames related to the impressionist era. It is commercially available and is used by universities around the country.
    I worked on:
  • Developing different minigames and including them into the game.
  • Researching 'fake 3D' tactics to get the program to run on WebGL.
  • Integration of assets into the project.
  • Company Website for Lumiere
    Published Summer 2018

    Hide and Shriek!

    Sole Engineer

    Hide and Shriek won first place at the 48 hour 2018 Chillennium game jam, the largest student game jam in the world. Two players search for a bullet to shoot each other with while trying to avoid being shot. At any time the players can turn into any prop and hide their screen. First to three hits wins.
    I worked on:
  • Creating the input manager for two controllers.
  • Creating the Unity project and importing all assets.
  • Integration of all assets into the project.
  • Setting up the UI, Animatior Controllers, Scenes, set dressing, etc.
  • Setting up lighting and materials.

  • page for Hide and Shriek

    Official Chillennium Website

    Fall 2018

    Other Projects

    Solo Development
    You can view more of my previous projects on my page though this link ->

    I have been developing games for 6 years, the last 4 years being spent developing my skills in the Unity engine. My previous projects aren't all the best to look at, but I learned some incredible things about game development thoughout their lifecycles.
    Interesting things I have developed:
  • My own multithreaded pathfinding system before Unity's realtime navmesh was released.
  • Random dungeon / level generation.
  • Numerous prototypes for game design iteration.
  • Singleplayer, Local cooperative, and competitive games.
  • Numerous game-jams.
  • Card game and database.
  • Fall 2018


    Lead Engineer


    I manage a team of engineers to create educational video games using Unity 2018. I am in charge of the interviewing and hiring process, as well as training new team members. We use Plastic SCM as version control and I am the one that maintains the backend and teaches the LIVELab employees how to use the software. When projects are in the initial planning phase, I sit with management and other teams to discuss what is possible given our current limitations, then present those findings to customers looking to hire us for contract work.

    May 2018 - Present



    I coordinated with a team of engineers to develop educational video games and conduct research with C# in Unity 2017. I learned techniques for using and maintaining source control in a team oriented manner. I also learned how to maintain larger and larger codebases to ensure that new employees entering the project will understand its systems, and to ensure that it is built with modularity in mind for additions in the future.

    September 2017 - May 2018

    Disaster Recovery Intern

    Rentsys Recovery Services

    As an intern I performed daily server maintenance, maintained an internal wiki, took inventory, assembled servers for customers, and worked with server software from SunOS to Windows.

    May 2017 - August 2017

    Computer Bench Technition

    Reynolds and Reynolds

    I troubleshooted, tested, and repaired computers that were sent to customers sites, as well as installed software and maintained a work area.

    May 2016 - July 2017


    Texas A&M University

    Bachelor of Science Engineering
    Computer Science - Game Development

    August 2015 - Current, Expected Graduation Spring 2020

    Riverside Military Academy

    High School Diploma

    Riverside Military Academy is a boarding school with ROTC life continuing after school ends. I graduated from here as the Battalion Security Officer with the rank of Captain. My day to day jobs included assisting the Battalion Staff with watching 500+ kids, as well as maintaining a security force of 40 individuals. I also competed in the JROTC Raider Team and won 1st place at nationals for the first time in school history.
    August 2013 - August 2015


  • 4+ Years of extensive experience using Unity3D to make applications and video games.
  • Experienced in moving through different Unity versions (5, 2017, 2018, 2019) and their implementations of importing assets.
  • Experienced in designing and developing VR applications in Unity.
  • Proficient in Unity's Mechanim system and has created numerous complex animation controllers.
  • Proficient in creating character controllers.
  • Proficient in creating camera controllers.
  • Proficient in creating input managers for singleplayer or local multiplayer.
  • Proficient in creating UI systems and animations.
  • Proficient in creating raycast collision detection systems.
  • Proficient in creating randomly generated levels, items, objects, and other statistics.
  • Experienced in creating AI that can respond to a modular number of interactions.
  • Experienced in designing and developing educational video games and games for reasearch purposes in Unity.
  • Proficient using Jira and Trello for project management, hour tracking, and sprint tracking.
  • Proficient using Confluence and the Google Suite for project and code documentation.
  • Proficient doing hours estimates and using story points for myself and a team of engineers.
  • Proficient in using source control, to include: Github, Gitlab, PlasticSCM, and others.
  • Proficient in using source control and techniques specific to the game development pipeline.
  • Proficient in Plastic SCM Administrative duties, including upkeeping the user database and teaching other members how to use the software.
  • Proficient in Plastic SCM maintenance including creating and maintaining multi-team repositories, and the database backend.
  • Proficient in the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software.

  • Interests

    Video games have always been my passion. It all started with little kid Trevor sitting in my grandfather's lap watching him play Diablo in 1998. I love how games can bring us together, and even more so, I love how games can take us to places we didn't realize could exist.

    What specifically brings me into the development world is my love of creating things. In high school, I created all kinds of artworks in many different mediums and I loved being able to create emotions with pictures. Over the past 12 years I've been learning all kinds of instruments, and making music has inspired me so much in my work. I've learned how to play almost every kind of guitar, and I've also collected and learned some strange instruments like my concertina and Hurdy-Gurdy.

    I also greatly enjoy running. Long distance has always been my favorite. It's a way to clear my mind and be able to accurately focus on the task at hand. I also listen to podcasts / audiobooks as I run, and because of that I've 'read' a lot more than I ever thought I could.

    Awards & Certifications

    • 1st Place - Overall - Raiders National Meet, 2015